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Welcome to E/G Taxidevontas

For many years we have been a local seafood restaurant known and favored by the residents of Keratsini. Recently we opened our second restaurant "Taxidevontas-Voreia" serving the northern region of Athens.

Our aim was to create a warm and friendly place where serving our customers is our main goal, where one could taste the finest and freshest seafood the Greek seas have to offer at very reasonable prices.
We believe we have succeeded. We would love to have you visit and see for yourselves that our non-negotiable principles are:
  • The quality of our ingredients.
  • Respect for our customer's wishes
  • Cleanliness
We are confident that once you visit us once we will have the honour of seeing you again. The crew  


The location that started it all for us. Located in the area of Keratsini in Peireas, it is favored by all the locals for fresh fish.

Our newest location, serving the northern suburbs of Athens in Nea Erithea which is located near Kifisia.



Fresh fish, a great variety of shellfish (season variety), prawns (shrimp from Amvrakikos), lobsters, squid, scampi, octopus,  homemade dolma, fish-keftedes made from fresh fish, Tsiros (authentic), skipkack a la polita, sea urchin salad from fresh morning urchin, marinated anchovies, zucchini flowers with cheese and mint, mackerel smoked by hand, seaweed, smoked sardines, traditional rare greek cheeses, tamarisk, spiny chicory(stamnagathi), cured fish and sea sausage.
These are some of the dishes that you can try  at E/G Taxidevontas and naturally accompany them with any of the 65 ouzo or 14 tsipouro brands available in our cellar. Don't forget to leave some room for our rich deserts,  that are special and tasty and stand on their own.

You can download our menu here 

E/G Taxidevontas

Platonos 72
T: +30 (210) 432-4368
Daily: 12:00-00:30

E/G Taxidevontas Voreia

Evaggelistrias 36
Nea Erithraia
T: +30 (210) 620-1572
Daily: 12:00-00:30