Welcome to “E/G Taxidevontas”!

Our love for the sea, together with the love for fishing, led us to start a... journey.

We wanted to put all our ideas on a passenger ship (E/G) and start this journey to the Greek flavors, Greek images and Greek music.

Everything in this concept we wanted to be flooded with colors and scents of Greece.

Our goal was to create a warm and friendly place where our customers will be able to taste the finest and freshest "fruits" of the Greek seas, at very realistic prices.

Helped by many of our fishing friends as well as captains, with their awesome recipes, we offer the best that the vastness of the blue sea generously gives us. The best fish is the fresh one, without necessarily being expensive.

We are proud because we can show live fish and seafood in front of our customers. This is confirmed by the multiple videos we have to demonstrate and justify the phrase"The immediately freshest swim in the sea"!